Ensemble Wien Klang

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Photogalery - Ensemble Wien Klang

The Ensemble Wien Klang originally emerged as a chamber orchestra. Founded and run by music students and young musical professionals, what started as an extremely small chamber orchestra has since grown into a symphony orchestra. Its unique feature is an abundance of youthful energy, be it coming from the instrumentalists or from the senior conductor, Azis Sadikov. The musicians play with sheer joy and do their very best to stand out, to work precisely and to create original performances and interpretations.

The Ensemble Wien Klang was unique from its very inception. The orchestra was founded as a club by Tamara Marinkovic, Stephan Werba and Azis Sadikovic. This would not be remarkable were it not for the fact that they established themselves without any financial or managerial support. The musicians made themselves available despite these circumstances, playing purely for the pleasure of doing so.

Over the course of time the Ensemble Wien Klang grew into a symphony orchestra and is therefore able to perform any repertoire. The best proofs of this are surely their performances of Beethoven’s “Missa Solemnis” and Smetana’s “Die Moldau”. This orchestra, only formed in September 2007, can already look back on many successes. It was an integral feature of the Neues Künstlerform Wien’s concert cycle in the Camineum of the Wiener Hofburg (Austrian National Library), it starred in the “Musik gehört gehört” series of concerts organised by the Ludwig Ritter von Köchel Society in Kloster Und Krems and also played at the LifeBall Wien. Moreover, the Ensemble Wien Klang has performed with the Vienna Boys’ Choir on numerous occasions. The orchestra’s impressive work has allowed them to procure prestigious soloists for their self-organised concerts. Renowned musicians such as the Daniel Forschauer and Tibor Kovac, both violinists in the Viennese Philharmonic, Robert Nagy, solo cellist from that same orchestra, and the “Arista Trio” have all performed with the Ensemble Wien Klang.

This is a completely unrestrained orchestra. Their repertoire runs from the Viennese classics to modern compositions. A commitment to the contemporary is proved by their showcasing of Peter Barcaba’s (b. 1947) Concerto for Mirambaphone and Orchestra and their February 2010 performance of Horst Ebenhöh’s (b. 1930) Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra.

Further information about the musicians, their repertoire, and both upcoming and past concerts (including audio clips) will soon be found on the Ensemble Wien Klang’s homepage .
The average age of the orchestra is around 25 years old.