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Tue, November 6, 2018, 7:30 pm
Musikverein - Grosser Saal

Card categories: € 75 .- / € 65 .- / € 55 .- / € 45 .- / € 35 .- / € 25 .- / € 16.- without sight / € 5.- standing room

Musikverein Vienna
Bösendorferstr. 1
1010 Vienna
+43 1 505 81 90


The grand seigneur of the Austrian piano scene has been playing music for more than six decades. A modest, authentic artist who has performed with the greatest of the music scene. Time passes and does not seem to affect him. Heir to a long tradition, inspired by passion, he can now, as always, sweeten his audience.

   A pianist legend invites his audience to his round birthday concert in the Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein. At the age of 91, Paul Badura-Skoda's joy in playing is unbroken. His interpretations are always characterized by the highest concentration, credibility, sense of style and inner peace.

   An intelligent designer, a sensual singer at the keys, someone who gets to the bottom of the sounds and yet treats each one with love and intelligent care.

   Paul Badura-Skoda is the one and only outstanding Viennese classical pianist of the 20th century, as he will once again prove to his audience in his program dedicated exclusively to one of his favorite composers, the genius Franz Schubert.

   A tribute to Schubert on his 190th year of death. Of course, "The Last Three Sonatas", which M ° Badura-Skoda will interpret, are among the greatest compositions Schubert ever composed in piano literature.

   Let yourself be enchanted, experience sublimity, intimacy and high culture. Enjoy the sound of classical music in a quality you do not often hear. The well-dosed use of the oft-cited "Viennese humor" is an obvious declaration of love to the Viennese Classic, which despite the advanced age of M ° Paul Badura-Skoda culminates in an unsurpassed joy of playing.


  Franz Schubert: The last 3 piano sonatas

  Piano Sonata No. 19, C Minor, D 958
Menuetto: Allegro - Trio

  Piano Sonata No. 20, A major, D 959
Scherzo: Allegro vivace - Trio: Un poco più lento
Rondo. Allegretto - Presto

--- Pause ---

  Piano Sonata No. 21, Bb, D 960
Molto moderato
Andante sostenuto
Scherzo: Allegro vivace con delicatezza - Trio
Allegro, ma non troppo - Presto